Excellence in Neurosurgical Care

The doctor will personally review your imaging studies and strive to provide you up-to-date treatment options. The majority of the issues with which we deal can be managed non-surgically; conservative, non-surgical treatments remain an integral part of most of the treatment plans we recommend.

Minimally Invasive

Most spine disorders can be managed without surgery. For the small percentage of patients that require surgery, we can typically perform a minimally invasive procedure.

Personal Choice

We appreciate your allowing us to partake in your medical care and we value your opinion during the decision making process of your care.


At our facility, we will care for you and your family as we do our own.

Neurosurgical and Spine Associates of Oklahoma

Our medical staff specializes in adult disorders of the nervous system and spinal disorders. We value and appreciate your allowing us to partake in your medical care. At our facility, we strive to provide you with up-to-date treatment options and will care for you and your family as we do ours.

As independent practitioners, we want to provide you with the most comprehensive non-surgical and surgical options. Most spine disorders can be managed without surgery. For the small percentage of patients that require surgery, we will provide you with resources to make a well-informed decision. For patients that require brain surgery, our doctor will provide up-to-date resources about surgery and other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Further, you will be an integral part of the decision making process and we will work diligently with your primary care or referring physicians to ensure continuity of care.

Again, we thank you for the opportunity to care for you and your family.

Dr. Qualls E.J. Stevens, DO, MBA – Board Certified Neurosurgeon
Fellowship Trained Spine Surgeon

Katherine Gadd
Katherine Gadd
Dr.Stephens performed my discectomy surgery yesterday and I already have had major pain relief. I highly recommend Dr.Stephens!!!
Aziz Azghar
Aziz Azghar
Great doctor and surgeon he did my Fusion neck Surgery very well
Bucky Bell
Bucky Bell
Dr Steven's did a out standing job on my neck. He fussed there disc I have litte to no pain. He cares for his people I would recommend him for any surgery.
Denise Dean
Denise Dean
Dr Stevens is amazing. He is brilliant and genuinely empathic. He's always answered my questions thoroughly and respectfully. I would recommend him without hesitation. Seriously, though, what a great guy! Also, the ladies in his office are always so sweet and helpful.
Maria Marias
Maria Marias
Great experience, very helpful and courteous. Constantly reassuring me and my husband, and constantly checking on my pain
Kenneth Thrower
Kenneth Thrower
Had neck surgery by Dr. Qualls and he did and outstanding job! I can read a book without my neck feeling like someone pulling apart and hands being numb. I would highly recommend him!!! Thanks again Dr. Qualls
Autumn Robinson
Autumn Robinson
Amazing staff. Very caring and exact. My surgery and recovery went very well. I would highly recommend this place.
Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson
Dr. Steven's is a wonderful doctor. He is so sweet and caring for his patients. I had major spine issues when I went to Dr. Steven's and he fixed all of my issues and made it where I could enjoy life again. He is so very compassionate to each and everyone of his patients. Always calls you and checks on you to make sure you are doing ok. I just can't say enough good things about him. I will recommend him to everyone I know. His PA. Jennifer is awesome very professional, sweet and caring. His staff is very kind and welcoming to all of his patients. Dr.Stevens you are wonderful!!! Thank you for helping me.
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